Running water line from road
Posted by Michael Zanger on June 06, 2002 at 00:51:33:
Hello. We are currently building a log home on 11 acres. We need to run water line from the road to the building site, roughly 550 feet. We hope to trench it in ourselves to save some money. The water company wants $1850 for a 3/4" tap-on, or $2200 for a 1". I have several questions: one, what is the advantage of the 1" tap-on over the 3/4" and is it worth the extra $350? Two, based on your recommendation of tap-on size, what size and material of water line would you suggest? We like good water pressure, and I guess we are moderate water users, not a lot of lawn watering, no swimming pool. I would appreciate any insights you might have in the best way to trench the line in also. You really provide an excellent service to the community in general; were we building in your neck of the woods you would have another gig and we would have a first-rate plumber. Thanks again.

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