Re: Is my plumber trying to hose me?
Posted by hj on June 05, 2002 at 20:40:31:
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If the original problem could be cured by pressing down on the handle, there was a problem with the faucet. The PRV should be able to be adjusted upward by screwing the adjusting screw in until you have the proper pressure. But you could also get the noise back until the faucet is repaired.

: We have an older home, and the hot water knob on the kitchen faucet (wall-mount style) broke off a year or so back. We were using a pair of vise grips as the knob for almost a year, quite nicely actually. But then the vise grips finally wore through the stem and we were forced to replace the whole faucet.

: Our plumber came and replaced it and within hours I noticed that when I'd turn on the water, a banging noise would start up. It sounded horrible. If I shut the water off, the noise would stop. I called my plumber and he said it would probably go away and to check my pipes to see if something was loose. I checked and couldn't see a thing.

: Well, the banging has only grown worse. It shakes the house on the cold and the hot water. None of my other faucets are affected. If I push down really hard on the top of the knob, I can get it to calm down a bit, but not completely go away.

: I finally had enough and made my husband call the plumber. They came and installed a pressure valve on the pipe where the water comes into the house.

: So there is no banging anymore, which is nice, but I have no pressure! My toilet won't flush anymore (it just swirls the stuff around for a minute or so), I can barely get bubbles going in the sink for doing the dishes, and I feel like I'm living in a hotel when I try to take a shower.

: My pressure was fine before the new faucet. My only problem was that I lost the knob. Is my plumber helping me here, or should I just find a new one?

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