10"rough-in toilets vs. moving the flange
Posted by Jeff on June 04, 2002 at 23:56:34:
I recently remodeled my bathroom and added wainscoting over old ceramic tile. With the added thickness of the wainscoting, my old 12" rough-in for my toilet is now in the area of about 10-3/8" I've been looking at 10" rough-in toilets. But so far all I've found look too "modern" I'd like to install one that is more traditional looking, even old-fashioned looking. Can anyone help me with a brand name or specialty supplier? My other option is to relocate the flange by moving it out about 2". Can I just cut the pipe, spread it, close off the cut space with a neoprene sleeve and support it by screwing the flange into the floor above? Maybe supporting it from underneath as well? What about cutting the cast iron and replacing it with PVC from the cut to the new location? Thanks for any help!

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