well pressure switch
Posted by Steve on June 03, 2002 at 18:12:41:
Had a new water softener system installed a few weeks ago. It has an air injection iron filter. When installed they direct wired the air pump for this into the pressure switch for my well pump. Ever since I have been having problem with the well pump not kicking on when the pressure is down to start point(40 psi). The air pump runs but not the well pump. The contacts are closing but is it possible there is too much draw from the air pump for the well pump to start? It is a submersed pump 250'+ deep. One side note when the air pump is running I can pull the contacts on the switch open and let them snap back the well pump starts to run, or I can turn the service disconnect off and then back on the well pump will start also.
I have talked to both the softener and well people they both say its something wrong with the others system.
I relly think its the air pump but thought you might have another solution?

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