Softener salt, after cleaning tank: re-usable?
Posted by Phill B. on June 03, 2002 at 14:07:24:
i cleaned out the salt & dirt from first 4 yrs use [Culligan says 'every TWO yrs']. salt level was low, but i didn't realize that there was still around 100 lbs in softener storage tank. - that's wet salt.
i have rinsed & drained that 'USED' salt, but i don't know if i can re-use any of it IN the softener [it's a model Estate II].
- please: any advice?
- i'm willing to hand-sort it, discarding whatever is clumped, or seems annealed to metals or grit. i'm NOT willing to use it for weed-killer or driveway de-icer, 'cause we live on the edge of a wetland.

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