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Posted by Speedyplastic on June 03, 2002 at 04:58:31:
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I was told it isn't illegal, but either way that wasn't my question. I asked for a solution to the problem I described, the only solution I received at this site was pretty invasive so i think i'll take the advise I received on a different board. maybe i'll post my results once i finish the job. Thank you for taking an interest in my problem if nothing else you brought up some ideas that had not been brought up before. :)

: Unless Minnesota is using a code from the 1900's, it is illegal to have a drain from the floor, unless the trap is in the floor, then it violates a different requirement.

: : In Minnesota it's not ilegal to have a drain straight from the floor. But opening up the floor could be a nasty proposition, i'd have to rip up the concrete floor and i'm not going to do all that. i think i'll just build a small wooden riser under the pedestal and route the drain backwards then up. unless someone can think of a better easier idea... ;) thanks for the post!!

: : : The real problem is that the drain is not supposed to come up from the floor. Doing that requires an illegal, and possibly unhealthy, "S" trap. Is this a very old system, one installed by an incompetent plumber, or a DIY job? My suggestion, although it is probably too late, is to open the wall and floor and install the drain properly.

: : : : the new sink we have is supposed to bolt to the wall in back, the problem is this: the drain comes up from the floor too close to the pedestal *it don't sit back far enough to be flush with the wall.
: : : : So, the only solution i can think of is to either build a partial wall behind the sink or get a vanity instead of a pedestal. I'm writing this in hopes that someone out there has a better idea. if so email me PLEASE!! i'm desprate!

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