Re: Cast Iron Hub Fitting with 3.12 ID Hub
Posted by Terry Love on June 01, 2002 at 20:55:31:
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: My problem began after I removed a section of 2 inch galvanized drain pipe from a cast iron fitting (which is set in concrete in my basement floor). The joint was originally sealed with lead and oakum. When I went to install a new section of ABS pipe with a Fernco 2x2 donut seal I found out that the ID of the hub was to big. It has an ID of 3.12 inches instead of about 2.75 inches which it looks like seal would need to have a tight fit. My question is whether or not there are seals available for a hub with an ID of 3.12 inches? or will I have to re-do the seal with lead and oakum? Note the house was built in 1941.

Have you "tried" it yet?
My experience with them, is that the 2" ABS expands the rubber seal when inserted to full depth.
I round the end of the pipe with a knife and use soft soap for lube.

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