Re: which toilet
Posted by Gary Swart on June 01, 2002 at 01:18:05:
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Go to Terry's section on toilets. That should give you the information you need on selection. The rough in figure is the distance from the finished wall behind the toilet to the center of the drain pipe. 12" is pretty much the standard distance, but 10" is also common. However, there is an adjustable flange that will give you 2" each direction from the drain. So,a 10" rough-in drain could accomodate a toilet intended for 12" and a 10" toilet could be used with a 12" rough-in. These flanges swivel, so to use an in between distance would mean the toilet would not be centered side to side. Of course this flange could correct an off center drain that way too. I you use a 10" toilet on a 10" rough-in, then just a straigt flange is all that is needed.

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