Re: How to install an outdoor water faucet
Posted by Casman on May 30, 2002 at 14:52:43:
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: We purchased an modualar a few years ago and We would like to install an outdoor water faucet to the house. How do we do it. Thanks

I thought the other person already answered this but 1) you can hire a plumber or handyman 2) do it yourself. If you pick number 2 with unlimited budget then take some classes on plumbing or if on a budget, then go to the local home store spend 8 bucks for how to book. Normally a person would have an idea of where outside they want the thing, find a spot in basement near coldwater pipe, tap in and solder and drill some holes buying parts from home depot or plumbing supply and if you tell them what your doing they'll even select the parts you need...good luck

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