Re: New Holes in Cast Iron Sink
Posted by Fred on May 28, 2002 at 14:34:12:
In response to Re: New Holes in Cast Iron Sink
Consider eliminating the air-gap and forgetting the soap dispenser.

Use the air-gap hole for the filtered water.

Loop the disposal line to touch the countertop underside, secure it with a clamp, the dishwasher drain line may now be connected to the disposal. Eliminating the need for the airgap - airgaps are a pain.

The following is the Code information:

Uniform Plumbing Code incorporated is modified to read:

The discharge pipe of a domestic dishwashing machine may be directly connected to the tailpiece of a sink drain, or into the waste "boss" of a food waste disposer without installation of an airgap fitting. The dishwasher discharge line shall be securely fastened as high as possible, but not lower than two inches (50.8 mm)below the flood rim of the sink.

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