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Posted by hj on May 27, 2002 at 23:10:08:
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The heater specification is dependent on the temperature of the water entering it. As the water gets colder at certain times of the year, the output of the heater will be reduced. It may also have a limiting valve to control the velocity of the water through the heater in order to maintain a constant temperature regardless of the desired usage in the house. You should be concerned with the GPM output of the heater at the desired temperature considering the coolest water you might encounter during the yearly cycle.
: Hello, I am building a new house and need to select an indirect hot water tank. I am hoping to be able to supply hot water for a multi-head custom shower and also for a large bathtub (80 gallons). I don't quite understand how to read the specs of water tanks. Any advice would be helpful.

: The boiler is 140,000 BTU, but I could go for bigger if that would make a difference.

: Thanks.

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