Rotten Egg Smell Hot Water
Posted by Bob on May 27, 2002 at 11:16:40:
I recently found your site through on the subject stinky hot water. Found a FAQ about same suggesting the anode tube possibly the problem especially if it is magnisium. I wasn't sure what I had so I ordered the replacement tube from sears as this is a sears water heater only 7 months old. I removed and replaced the tube and low and behold two weeks gone by and the stink is back. Today I dumped in 1 quart of bleach into tank through house filter after draining tank and letting fill again. This is what I had done before replacing the anode tube but it only lasted a week before it had to be done again. I live in a rural area of south central Kansas with well water. I read somewhere about an aluminum anode rod and it is supposed to be better than the mag tube. Is this correct? If this is correct, where can I purchase this tube as none of the major plumbing supply places used by contractors have this info or aren't willing to give it up in the Wichita area. They all recommend having a Plumber come out to check first. I'm not a certified plumber but am very mechanicaly sufficient. Itb only took 40 minutes to drain and replace the last tube. This is a 40 gallon/Power Miser 6/48" High/ Model # 153.316754. Can you suggest anything short of replacing heater and making sure it has aliminum tube. Thanks Bob

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