Sculpured Marble Bathtubs
Posted by H. C. Gates on May 26, 2002 at 12:38:54:
I were going to replace some broken tile in our 16 yr old shower. Due to the scale and leaking around the pan, we have decided to redo the entire shower. Since the tile on the wall is no longer in production, the project expanded to replace all the tile in the shower and around the built-up bath tub (about 300 sq ft). At the same time it only makes since to replace the facuets,knobs and shower heads. But now,what was going to be a simple repair job has turned into a major bath remodeling project.
The question is now focused on the synthetic or sculptured marble 60"x42"x18.5" oval jazzaci tub and surrounding flat surface, raised platform and steps up to the tub, all made of the sculptured marble. The exterior is still pretty, but the hard TX water as caused some erosion and staining of the surface in the tub. WE had a contractor who specializes in refinishing that type of synthetic marble to give an estimate on "refinishing" the tub and the two lavatories also made of that material. He said he can do that for about $1500 but we ought to consider cutting out the tub and lavatory and dropping in a new porcelin or ceramic tub and lavatory in its place because the new refinished on the exhisting tub would only last another 10 to 15 years before we would need to be refinished again. We seeking bids on that, BUT figure that it will inflate the total cost over the refinishing about $2500---however it should last longer. What are you thoughts on this and/or is there another way to go?
I would appreciate any comments.


H.C. Gates

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