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Posted by hj on May 21, 2002 at 09:32:35:
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It may not be something you can cure since it is a building problem, but a plumber may be able to check the system to see if some of the faucets require repairs. Showering might cause a sound of rushing water, but should not cause vibration.

: At 5 am, my bed shakes because of the showering activity in the building. The water pipe runs under my studio apartment. I know the Building is old, but can't this problem be rectified easily? I just moved and I don't want to move again. In fact, the landlord who has a back problem has relocated off the premises because he had been in the emergency room on two occasions within the last month. By the way, there is alot of renovation going on as two apts are being added in the basement. COuld this have set off the probleMm? I've only been there a month and I haven't slept past 5 am since the third night there ( a Monday)....

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