New pressurized toilet cistern
Posted by George Whitehead on May 21, 2002 at 07:32:32:
Dear Terry

I hope you are doing well. From what I learned from your web-site, it seems as if you are the person that can help us with your vast knowledge of the toilet industry.

We are from South Africa and we have developed a new pressurized toilet cistern, that works in a different manner than the existing pressurized cisterns. It is smaller, and makes no noise when it fills of discharges.

It also has a dual flush mechanism built into it. We have received a South African Buro of Standards Design Award for this product and the government as sponsored us with R252 000,00 towards the development of this product.

We would like to get in contact with people in the toilet industry that are looking for new innovations. This will enable us to develop our product for specific needs. Could you give us contacts.

We have filed to get a world patent on this product for different countries.


George Whitehead

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