Drum Traps
Posted by Scott Armentrout on May 20, 2002 at 10:14:37:
I've seen some of the posted messages regarding old drum traps. I have two with chrome tops leading from bathtubs. Neither has been opened in 30 years for certain and probably never in 70 years.
One - one the "downstream" tub - drains quite slowly and our plumber says we should not try to take the top off as we could never get it back on. The only way to remove it would require cutting into the ceiling of the room underneath the tub and cutting it out. I've been through that when we replaced all the constricted iron pipes with copper and would prefer not to do that again. Why I didn't think of the slow drainage when the ceiling was opened up, I do not know.
Anyway, I have tried to clean out this drum trap using 12-14 ounces of drain cleaner, hair remover, etc. at a time in order to get the chemical into the drum and seem to get some temporary improvement occasionally.
Is there any particular product that I might try which might really clean this thing out short of eating a massive hole in it? I realize that a snake won't work and that gravity is not of any particular help here.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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