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Posted by aaron laflora on May 19, 2002 at 20:05:05:
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: : I will be removing a cast iron tub and walls and replacing with a fiberglass tub and surround unit. What are the critical issues to watch for when going through this process. I know making sure the unit is square and has rim support are critical, but what about providing a base. I'm concerned the fiberglass will not have the proper support once filled with water and people? Do you fasten fiberglass tub to studs with screws?

Hi Terry:
In addition to Greg's question above,

How does the backwall unit to the fiberglass tub go there a certain sequence of events that one should follow when removing the steel tub, installing the new fiberglass tub and the back wall, fixtures and so on...this will be a first-time project so any information you could send as far as installation, hazards, what should be disconnected first, etc would be very much appreciated.
I want to do this right, and you sound like an expert.

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