Toilet not used in one year is now flushing very slowly....tried
Posted by Veri on May 19, 2002 at 10:04:05:
My second bathroom's toilet is flushing very slowly but not overflowing.

Homedepot advised I use thsi Toilet Bowl Cleaner in the FLapper hole after shutting water. I did that and it flushed the one time after using the Cleaner but then again it is slow. I have used the plunger many times but that does not do it.

Then Homedepot advised that I buy this Drain Cleaning Tool that is 3 ft long. I tried that but nothing happened and no yucky stuff came out either. Maybe the drain is built in a way that the Drain Cleaning Tool is not going all the way. I did turn the handle to make it do down as per direction.

Any suggestions what is happening.

The toilet is not used as my children moved out in April of 2001 and so I live alone and so the toilet is not used at all.

THank you.

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