Bathtub Trap Replacement (saga) and help desperately needed.
Posted by Jason Hirsch on May 19, 2002 at 01:35:27:

First, I intend to call a plumber by Wed- I figure I can survive 5 days without a shower (work has showers) ...

Synopsis: The bathtub trap leaks now.

Original problem- Replacing the cosmetic drain. Go figure.

Started out that I couldn't get a drain fitting to fit the old plumbing. Home Depot said to replace the whole
shebang to the trap, pretty easy to do. Did so. Upon twisting to remove the drain pipe, the entire
assembly sheared off at the bottom entrance to the trap.

Promptly discovered 1 1/2 inch was constricted to 1/2 inch- must be the source of the slow drains...

Had to extract the remaining threads from the trap- wd40/ blowtorch, got them all out and fairly clean
(still limited to about 5 full turns of threading). Replaced with a close nipple and the bathroom kit.

Tried to open up the cleanout on the trap- wouldn't budge. Finally got enough lube into the brass threads
that I could get it open. Unfortunately the whole trap suddenly shifted 5 degrees- about as much as you
can rotate before it slams into the copper water pipes. I broke free the 2nd connection.

The corrosion within that connection was apparently keeping it from leaking.

Now: How do I stop it from leaking.

I could *possibly* open the ceiling into the kitchen, but there are cabinents restricting the usefull access
to about 10 inches- further removal requires ripping down molding.

Plumbers putty wrapped around didn't work.

The steel (galvanized?) or brass 2" nipple from the trap into the nicely cemented floors seems intact.

Without cutting into the kitchen cieling, is it theoretically possible to saw thru the brass trap as close
to the body as possible (thus leaving most of the 2" nipple intact) and replacing it with a new one?

I considered solder, but I don't think I can heat the brass up high enough fast enough. I somehow doubt
it will wick solder like copper does. It's also probably against code ;P

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am literally at my wits end... all I wanted to do was
replace that ugly corroded drain stop with something slightly nicer.

Thanks- sorry the pics are out of focus but thats the best I could do so close up.

Jason Hirsch
(first post, yes....)

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