Re: Sewer problems, too many to list?? LOL
Posted by hj on May 18, 2002 at 09:22:05:
In response to Re: Sewer problems, too many to list?? LOL
First, I assume that you do not have any sinks, tubs, showers, washing machine, etc., that you do not use frequently. And if there are no pipe openings that were not plugged, then the most likely source of the sewer odor, if that is what it really is, should be the toilet seals. If the toilets or the pipe under them can move then the wax seal will be damaged and can allow odors into the house.

: In my house, I have had lots of problems. My drainfield with the house I bought is 17 yrs.old, I sumped it out last April and still get burps. I have small-mouth toilets (1-1/4") holes (Lamosa from China). My sewer approved by the State, had no pitch, and had 20 feet totally on the ground and level, but was fixed yesterday. I still get sewer smell. Is it my venting? toilets? drainfield? I have a bit more problems since the sewer pipe was rerun yesterday, I know it's good now, but what is causing new problems? Thanks, I have tried to be precise with problems. :)

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