Re: Sewer problems, too many to list?? LOL
Posted by hj on May 17, 2002 at 23:39:36:
In response to Re: Sewer problems, too many to list?? LOL
How could you have a sewer line with no pitch and then fix it so it had pitch, especially with a septic tank? A sewer smell would have nothing to do with the sewer's pitch.

: In my house, I have had lots of problems. My drainfield with the house I bought is 17 yrs.old, I sumped it out last April and still get burps. I have small-mouth toilets (1-1/4") holes (Lamosa from China). My sewer approved by the State, had no pitch, and had 20 feet totally on the ground and level, but was fixed yesterday. I still get sewer smell. Is it my venting? toilets? drainfield? I have a bit more problems since the sewer pipe was rerun yesterday, I know it's good now, but what is causing new problems? Thanks, I have tried to be precise with problems. :)

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