Using Flexible 1/2 copper
Posted by Craig on May 17, 2002 at 19:13:01:
I'm refinishing my hall bathroom, and I'm now ready to put the tub in. I finished soldering my water supply lines up to each shutoff valve, which are approx. nine inches up from floor. Now I need to continue from the shutoffs up to the shower assembly.
My question ...

I'm a little nervous about whether my connections leading up to the shower assembly will exactly fit. To avoid any potential problem, could I use the FLEXIBLE COPPER TUBING? If they are slightly off, I don't feel bending "L" copper is a good idea (unless I have pipe bender (how much are they??)). I may have some maneuverability, but is it ok to use flex copper?
Would it be better to put the wall up, put the assembly in, then run the supply lines? (I could redo the stuff I've already did -- just a little unsweeting, right?)

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