Re: Bathrub "Stopper"
Posted by hj on May 17, 2002 at 00:41:09:
In response to Re: Bathrub "Stopper"
It is called a push/pull stopper. You have to take the small knob off so you can screw the center post into the drain tightly. It is probably the reason for the other problem also.

: My bathtub has the kind of built-in stopper that is "push to close/push to open". I don't know what they are called.

: I think my housecleaner unscrewed it and somehow damaged it because I found the stopper part lying in the tub. I screwed it back in, but two things occurred: (1) it doesn't screw to a stop (like, say, a light bulb) and (2) in the closed position, water drains slowly.

: What can I do?

: Thanks.

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