Installing new hose bibb
Posted by M. Waley on May 15, 2002 at 23:26:29:
Only have two outdoor hose bibbs on house that are inconvenient to front yard. Would like to dig down to main water line and create new hose bibb in front yard. It will come up in a flower bed near driveway, but not next to house. I know I need a Tee joint and PVC pipe and bibb. Been reading about frost proof with integral vacuum breaker. Would like detailed installation instructions, i.e. how much of copper pipe to cut out of main line (yes, I need to shut of water). What type of Tee joint recommended. Best faucet to use for bibb in garden. Should I use insulation? A gentleman at home store showed me a tee joint that had rubber rings that fit around the copper piping and then rings that you tighten around the copper piping. Is this T-joint sufficient enough to prevent leaking? Don't need to solder anything? Need to use teflon tape at every connection? Would like step-by-step instructions. Thanks.

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