Posted by DIANA on May 15, 2002 at 18:05:54:
Recently I installed a new water line from the meter to the basement. The old water line was leaking
according to the water company report. The old line was removed from the meter and disconnected
inside the house. Last week severe storms hit my area. I had 100 gallons of water an hour coming into
the basement through the abandoned water line. This lasted for about 32 hours even though the rain only
lasted several hours. Two weeks after this storm I still have a lot of water seeping into the basement and
every time it rains, gallons of water comes in through the abandoned water line. I put a valve on this line
and have a hose into the sewer drain. I have checked my gutters and downspouts and they are OK.
I have not had a problem with water in my basement before.Everyone tells me that it is gound water.
I had the water company check and they said that the existing line is not leaking. Please Help. Thanks.

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