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Posted by hj on May 15, 2002 at 07:58:27:
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First you should have a plumber check the shower to be sure that there is no trap. Normally, looking down the drain you would see water if there were a trap, and just a fitting if there were none. However, if you read these postings long enough, you will see that people oftentimes do not put the drain directly over the trap in order to save time, money, or effort. If there is no trap, installng one above the floor will cause the same problems you have now. The proper solution is to install the trap on the pipe under the floor right below the shower drain. A less desirable one, but one that would work, would be to install a "running trap" in the pipe just outside the shower.
: I've discovered that the shower in my garage has no trap. Basically, I could not locate a septic smell in my finished garage. So by trial and error I tracked it down to the shower drain. The garage is built on a slab, so I have no access below the shower or slab. I've been told that they (whoever built the garage) probably did not install a trap when the garage was built. The bath was built as part of the original garage. Is there any remedy to stop the smell. Right now I've duct taped the drain over, since I dont normally shower in the garage. Would installing a trap outside the house on the main sewage line help? Its about 10 feet downstream from the shower. I've been told the only solution is to rip out the fiberglass shower, and install a new one a few inches above the slab with the trap above the slab. Makes sense, but dont want to buy a new shower enclosure if I dont have to. Thanks

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