weird smell about time we installed new toilet
Posted by Lon on May 14, 2002 at 21:31:27:
My brother installed a new toilet for me,with new wax ring that goes on top of the sewer hole. But in the process my tile was old,it broke all apart and no tile is around the bottom of toilet.
My brother said should put something around there since tile was gone, that maybe fumes would still come up from sewer. Is this possible,if so would it make people in the house sick? I have noticed a icky smell most of the time when i get down the hallway, which that is near the bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. I think its coming from bathroom but not real sure. Its like a sewer,dirty sock smell.Makes me sick, have cleaned and I still keep trying to find the source, seems to be bathroom.
Oh the toilet has been in for about 3 months or so. My house is small 915sqr ft. Thank you

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