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Posted by Andy Reid on May 14, 2002 at 06:22:08:
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I was surprised to see that you are still trying to fix your well problem. Since I last spoke to you we have sold innumerable Well Managers all across the United States. We are currently designing one for the US Forestry Service. These people have all solved their problems in a single day. One gentleman in the Rockies ( a retired Geologist) replaced his 3,000 gallon cistern with a 425 gallon Well Manager. He used to run out of water but doesn't any longer. He used to have poor pressure and has great pressure now.

Your problem is simple. The water is so far down the well and requires so much energy to raise it AND BUILD PRESSURE in your tank that the well pump delivers water very slowly. If the static level in the well drops much further it may stop delivering water. It is taking longer to shut off now because you increased the cut off point from 40 to 50 PSI.- you are asking the pump to do more but what you are asking is beyond its physical capability! Pressure switches are adjustable. If you set it back to 20/40 or LOWER you will get more water immediately.

This phenomenon is one of the reasons a Well Manager can get more water from your well. A Well Manager collects in an unpressurised tank, thus relieving the backpressure on the well pump making it easier to deliver water from much greater depths because all of the pump's energy can go into lifting the water. It doesn't have to build pressure! You get great performance from a Well Manager because a second pump produces the pressure.

There are many more Well Manager models since I spoke to you last - many more space saving configurations. Perhaps you would like to discuss the matter.

In 2001, Water Well Journal show cased Well Manager as on of their top ten most popular new products.

Andy Reid
Reid Plumbing Products, LLC

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