Re: pump refill rate and larger holding tank
Posted by Andy Reid on May 14, 2002 at 06:08:49:
In response to Re: pump refill rate and larger holding tank
: Thank you for helping me with your expertise!!! I have a question about time it takes for pump to fill water well indoor pressure tank and need to get larger tank. Have a low yield well, but seems to be enough water. SOMETIMES water takes VERY long to refill the small 5 gallon holding tank. Pump contractor told me it was pulling amperage because so little water down in our 700 ft. well with low static level. Had a 60/40 M4 switch on it and it was ok, though sometimes no water for a day or two. Switch short-circuited and contractor put on temporary 50/30 switch. NOW seems like almost no water pressure and takes MUCH LONGER to refill the tiny holding tank. WHAT IS GOING ON? Is our 1 1/2 HP new pump failing? Is it the switch? Not enough water? Something else? What should we do?
: ALSO: I can only get a (120 gallon) with functional 44 gallon pressurized tank to hold the water. Any way I can get a tank with a larger holding capacity for indoor residential use? PLEASE ADVISE! I'd love to have an e-mail copy sent to me! WOLRING@YAHOO.COM Thanks!!!

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