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Posted by michelle on May 11, 2002 at 15:58:13:
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: I have had good luck in freeing those, but it takes both experience and a lot of luck. I am not sure if the process can be described adequately. First you have to spray a lot of WD40 down the drain with intervals between the spraying. Then you have to construct a "V" shaped hook out of a piece of welding or brazing rod. Slide the "V" down the drain and then pull it back up. Eventually you will grab the handle on the drain stopper bucket. Pull up on the hook. Sometimes you will have to gently tap up on the hook with a hammer. If done properly one of three things will happen. The drain plug will come loose and you can polish it, grease it, and then put it back down the drain. The hook you are using will lose its "V" because it was not large enough or the drain is very tight. Or, the worst case scenario, the drain bucket handle will break off. In that case it was hopeless anyway and you will have to open a wall or the ceiling to replace the drain.

: : I have very little knowledge in this area and I am sure that it will show throw in this post. My bathtub drain seems to be stuck closed. At first I thought it was plugged but I have dumped bottle after bottle of drain cleaners down it that helped very little. Now it is at a complete standstill. I spoke to a friend's husband and he said the only way to fix it would be to rip out the ceiling beneath it. I don't care if it works, I can buy a drain plug in the store, but is there a way I can get it open without ripping out the ceiling below it?

We unscrewed the cover on the side of the tub and out came the thing that we assume plugs the drain so our guess was wrong. Theory #2 is that is just jam packed with hair. We dumped down two more bottles of draino down and it now drains, takes 6 hours, but it does drain. I guess it is time for us to get a snake and see what happens.

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