Re: Install shut-off valves for new tub ?
Posted by Terry Love on May 11, 2002 at 00:29:08:
In response to Re: Install shut-off valves for new tub ?

: How about if I install shut-off valves below the tub where I can access them through the apron, and run the 3/4 pipe 3 feet from both those shut-off valves to the Grohe thermostatic valve ? The Grohe valves and trim will be mounted in the wall at about 45 inches height. The spout will actually be a Kohler Laminar Flow Ceiling Mount K-923 -- it looks really unusual and leaves me a clear tub deck :D

Sounds good to me, Terry

: On the mini-arrestor issue, where should they go ?
: Would I use Tees rather than elbows to go from vertical to horizontal into the Grohe valve, with the arrestors standing up ?

The mini-resters have pistons in them and cannot water log. You can install them in any position. Terry

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