Caroma Dual Flush
Posted by Kevin on May 08, 2002 at 03:47:29:
I got a Caroma Caravelle 305 that has a dual flush, a half flush and a full flush. There aren't many dual flush toilets around. I was attracted to this model because it is on Terry Love's site. My experience with this toilet has been mostly negative. The half flush does not work for waste, I was hoping it would. When I try to use the half flush for waste,some of it is still in the bowl. That's basically the only reason why I got this toilet, to flush waste with less than a gallon. I've considered that maybe the 1/2 flush is only for urine, and that the full flush was for waste, but that's not what I was wanting. Another problem is its tiny water spot. Mine also seems to be leaking. How many wax seals should I use when installing this? It is a good looking toilet, quiet and the flush buttons work well (they aren't hard to push). If anyone knows of a good dual flush toilet, please tell me about it. Thanks

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