Re: Polybutylene Pipes
Posted by hj on May 08, 2002 at 00:50:00:
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How old is the house. Was it new 3 years ago? Or is it less than 12 years old? The plumber probably installed what the builder specified so he would have no liability for repiping it. And if you have not had any leaks, or the house's age does not fall within the parameters, you may not qualify for a repiping.

: We purchased our house 3 years ago and now when we go to sell it, the home inspector finds that our plumbing is polybutylene. the customer refuses to buy it and we lose our earnest money with the home we are purchasing. The pipes going into each water source (sinks, water heater, basins, etc) are all copper. How can I determine what is in the walls and can I require the contracted plumber who built my house to pay for replacement costs under the house which has the polybutylene pipes?