Re: 3/4" Thermostatic valve fed by 3/4 hot and 1/2 cold ?
Posted by hj on May 07, 2002 at 08:19:14:
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Since it is thermostatic, the valve is going to modify the flow rates as necessary, regardless of the pipe sizes. The two limiting factors would be whether the valve itself can output a greater volume of water, and whether, at the greatest flow, the 1/2" cold water line would be adequate to allow the valve to open the hot water side to its maximum.

: I'm putting in a whirlpool tub and want to improve the fill rate since it takes 66 gals. Since you use twice and much hot as cold in filling a bath, I'm planning on running a new 3/4" copper hot supply but keeping the existing 1/2" copper cold. I'd run the 3/4 hot right into the valve but use an adapter to fit the 1/2 cold into the valve.

: Is the thermostatic mixing valve going to work this way ? I've had different opinions where some people think the valve will not be able to compensate for the different volumes of hot and cold. None of them plumbers, though.

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