Re: Question for Plumbers/Drain Guys???????
Posted by Gary on May 06, 2002 at 22:22:51:
In response to Re: Question for Plumbers/Drain Guys???????
: Hello, I run a 1 man,1 truck sewer and drain business here in Texas. I have been in business for 2 years and ran across a "CLIENT FRON HELL" who is threatening to sue me because the inside of her toilet is scratched where I inserted the closet auger to unstop her dam toilet. I only charged her $50.00 and the dam toilet was'nt scratched that much, just a little. Unstopping toilets this wat since the age of 12, I've never encountered a customer or ever had my Dad's customers( he is a master plumber)threatening to sue over a few scratches in which occured while I was unstopping their shitter!!!!...Well the question is "What would you do???"..the lady wants me to buy aother toilet....i don't think so...Should I spray some paint over the scratches?it has a porcelin finish...or what???!!

If you scratched it, you have to buy them a new one, having employees this and other mishaps are a common occurence, if you only charge $50.00, then you have no money in reserve for these mishaps, a properly priced service call should cover all expenses of doing business, even things that go not as planned. We have stopped augering toilets because of scratches and callbacks, pull it off the floor and find the cause of stoppage and sometimes you can get a flange repair and a tank rebuild, now a simple toilet auger can bring $350.00 and the customer was serviced better and you had less travel time on your vehicle, and hit your daily budget on one service call.

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