PVC to Cast Iron
Posted by Shaun on May 06, 2002 at 11:28:22:
I believe my toilet currently has a lead pipe going from the toilet to the Lead and Oakum joint
in the cast iron soil pipe. I just purchased the home and the ceiling was damaged from the
leaky toilet...a flange won't fit over the lead pipe without making the flange too high off the floor...
and a there's not enough length in the lead pipe to pull it up and over a brass flange...

it's been recommended that the BEST way to fix the problem is to remove the lead pipe
altogether and replace it with PVC back to the cast-iron pipe.

i'm not really sure how to remove the lead pipe and the lead and oakum joint and then make the
new PVC to Cast Iron connection.

any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

i want to fix this so I don't have a recurring problem 6 months down the road.

Thanks very much.


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