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Posted by hj on May 05, 2002 at 21:57:43:
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I thought of that, but then discounted it since it is a rental unit and it was unlikely to have been modified for close quarter threading.

: There is a 4th possibility. The opening in the thread cutting die is larger on one side of the die than the other so you can get the pipe "started". In many ratchet threading devices, it is possible to insert the die into the ratchet assembly backwards. Make sure the side of the die that you are presenting to the pipe you wish to thread has the larger opening.

: : Three possibilities. First it caught once and "stripped" so you already have a beveled end that needs more pressure to get the die to catch. Second, it was cut with something that left a burr and you also have to push harder to get the die to mill it off. Third, you just have to push harder to make it catch.

: : : We have rented a hand held ratchet type pipe threader and want to put a thread on the cut end of a 1/2 inch galvanized pipe that is still part of the supply system (still attached) why can't we get the threader to "catch" and start to thread the pipe? Thanks!

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