need a ceiling shower head
Posted by ajc on May 04, 2002 at 21:52:15:
i once saw an article about a ceiling mounted shower head, i thought it was called rainforest or rainshower. well now a year or 2 later i've built a new home and the master bath shower is all done waiting for a shower head, which i cant find. my plumber right from the get go said he never saw one before, but he plumbed it the way i asked. i have found an 8" head at home depot with quite a few nozzles, but i dont think its going to suffice. any leads on large ceiling shower heads? the shower is about 4' deep by 4'6" wide and we used a very expensive shower valve that is actually 2 parts one for temp & 1 for volume. i would appreciate any help in nh

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