Re-pipe for beginners (Need help!).... Hi from Randy
Posted by Randy Mack on May 04, 2002 at 19:56:41:
Hi Terry... Randy from S. California
Thanks for you intro on the web and any advise you may have....

I like to, and am successful in fixing almost anything. I either need a mentor for a half hour, or a "How to copper repipe" book. I would like to repipe my parents raised floor house, 40 yrs. old (1600 sq ft., 2 bedroom, 2 bath). Other than the hassle of some time crawling around below, and fixing holes in the walls afterwords, I'm prepared.

Is there any guide books for installation, grade types, where to start first, "how to solder", and all the rest of the science? That will make me as confident as ever? All I find on the web is the normal sales pitch....

The only thing I know at this point is 2 cases or more of beer, or keg, some kind of torch and match; solder of some sort, new pipe ( I think type L ); fastnen new pipes next to old I presume with some kind of hooks; demo old pipes I presume, solder under the house I presume, maybe some insulation on the hot pipe, lots patience, and some valves to boot. Maybe I could even change the water supply to hit the shower room first to make sure it gets really hot there first. Maybe a perfered way is to do most of the setup under the house (1.5 or 2' clearance)first. The line to the meter was change to coper 6 years ago. Anyway, I'm in the dark, and hope to be in the under the house soon. Any infomation on materials, tricks,or even someone like you would be great to speak with personally.

Thank you for your time. Randy

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