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Posted by hj on May 04, 2002 at 16:49:26:
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First you have to determine what material your pipe is. I hope it is CPVC or PEX rather than PVC. If it is PVC then you have no choice except to repipe the house. If it is CPVC then there has to be a fitting under the floor, even though it would be a poor way to install plumbing, because CPVC cannot be bent around short turns.

: : Hi. The pipe /pvc that leads away from the hot water tank goes directly into the cement floor. Guess where it is leaking, big time? Right where it enters into the cement floor. Must I (horrors) dig up the cement floor to find (as the Ace Hardware man said) an elbow connection? At that point I was advise to remove all the rusty piping and hook up new piping that will leads back to the hot water tank. Or should I literally tear up the cement floor and follow the routing of the pipe - and replace everything? More importantly, what if I don't find this so-called elbow? Thank you.

: Are you saying your house plumbing was done with PVC pipe? If that is the case, I'd consider total replacement. I would never bury water lines in concrete. See the pipe link above for some ideas on kinds of pipe, consult a plumber, and then replumb the house with the lines above grade. Just abandon the pipes in the floor. I'm confused about rusty pipes, If your pipes are PVC, there's no rust.

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