Re: Extending an ouitdoor faucet
Posted by Gary Swart on May 03, 2002 at 00:03:18:
In response to Re: Extending an ouitdoor faucet
You don't say how close the riser pipe is to the wall where you want to go up, but here's how I'd do it. Remove the faucet from the riser. I plan on using 2 pipe wrenches to be sure not to twist the riser. Then use pipe "dope" or teflon tape, and screw on a coupling. Add the length of pipe you want, put you faucet back on. Treat each joint as above. To hold the pipe to the wall, get some anchor scruns, drill the appropriate size hole and use screw to hold 2 or 3 pipe brackets. I'd the ones from the electrical department. Now, if the riser is not close enough to the wall to do the above, then I'd dig down to the elbow where the riser comes off of the line. Then you have to see where the line comes from. If it's close to the house, then you could shorten the pipe and elbow up. You could just replace the existing riser with a street elbow and run a pipe over to the desired location. If that is the end of the line, other fittings could be used, replacing what is there. If you have to add pipe, carefully measure what you need and go to a hardware store that will cut and thread it for you. Not to complex of a job even if you have to do a little digging and replacing pipe.

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