Re: leaking bathtub faucet
Posted by robert on May 02, 2002 at 13:34:06:
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: : i have a leaking faucet--the hot water--i have taken off the handle bt i havent seen a washer--what else do i need to take off to get to it--the metal part the handle fits on doesnt come out-or does it--and thats where the washer is---pls help

: After you take the handle off, there is a eschucheon that screws off. That exposes the stem itself. Then you have to unscrew the stem. Sometimes there's enough stem to grab with a wrench. But most of the time, you need special stem sockets that fit inside the body of the faucet(behind the tile)to grab the stem and unscrew it.

ok how do u get the stem out--ive tried with a wrench but it feels like its gonna break-- any sugggestions

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