Re: Kitchen Sink Trouble w/ Air Vent??
Posted by hj on May 02, 2002 at 09:11:52:
In response to Re: Kitchen Sink Trouble w/ Air Vent??
If the drain under the floor is sluggish, then the air in the piping cannot escape and you will have a slow drain. The air vent is to let air in after the sink has drained and will not let air out to allow drainage to start. If you remove the air vent and the sink drains properly then you have a clogged drain, (or worse, a poor installation). If water comes out of the vent hole that also indicates a clogged drain. You will need a plumber to decide where the plugged drain is and cure it.

: My kitchen sink drains extremely slow. We have eliminated all possible problems save one. The sink is on an island and the air vent is under the sink. I think it not high enough to work as it should. It's actually below the level of the water in the sink. Can a vent line be run out from the pipes under the house and up or does it have to come off the pipes above the U shaped piece just below the actual sink drain holes? I'll take any help I can get on this one.. Thanks

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