Re: 10 inch rough in low flow commode problems
Posted by More on May 01, 2002 at 21:38:09:
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You might try a little tenderness first. She may have difficulty wiping, and be using WAY TOO MUCH paper. Look at the toilet paper and see if it is the absorbent quilted type soft paper, or if it is the institutional type thin drippy easy tear type. If its the thin type, she's likely using large wads of it, so ask her if you can experiment with a more absorbent type, and GENTLY see if the amount of paper can be reduced. You can help her feel good about herself by telling her that its a mechanical hydraulic pressure differentiation thing, and ask her not to tell her neighbors for the first two months while you try an experiment to reduce the plunging requirement. She's new....give her a break.

: Dear Sirs,
: I have a frustrating problem. I'm a maintenance director for a personal care. One of our new residents has a continuous problem with her commode. Constant plunging. Let's just say she is just a bit bigger boned than the previous residents we've had in the room. In her apartment is an American Standard Cadet RF 10" rough. My question, part 1, should I install a whole new Toto Carlyle with a 10" rough-in kit or Do they make a pressurized system for a small tank(Am Std 4110.016)that's only 6" deep

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