Re: noisy plumbing pipes
Posted by More on May 01, 2002 at 21:29:29:
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The rapid on/off cycling of the jake brake noise is likely the float in the toilet bouncing on waves it generates in the toilet tank when it is just getting filled, and then the spew of water is filling the tank again. Or else the opposite is true. The flapper valve is leaking a small amount of water out of the toilet tank into the bowl, and just when there is almost enough to open the fill valve, it ocillates intil it can get open enough to fill with water. Put some food coloring in the toilet tank without flushing, and then check the bowl in an hour to see if the clean water has the color in it. If so, change the flapper.

: We noticed about 5 months ago a knocking (sounds like a semi truck/trailer jake braking to me) and then a spew (like water) for a few seconds. It has gotten a lot worse today maybe 8 to l0 times per hour. Can't seem to figure it out. Any help???

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