Re: relocating bathroom ESTIMATE ?
Posted by More on May 01, 2002 at 21:17:31:
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: : I currently have a small 7x7 bathroom, and would like to relocate it to an unused bedroom. This would require that the toilet be moved from its present location. Is this possible; how much would est. cost be.
: : The bedroom and bathroom share the wall where the bath tub is located.

: : Thank you for your input
: : Ljaye

You need to think about how much decoration you want after the changeover. You might be wiser to consider leaving the bathroom floorplan pretty much as it is, but add a doorway access from the unused bedroom into the existing bath. If the doorway would be where the toilet is now, then the toilet could be built into it's own alcove, and the bedroom could accomodate a walk in dressing room. Try getting an Interior Decorator to look over your plan, or an Arghitect, before considering the plumbing. Good planning could be a cost saver in the longrun. Look at Kitchen and Bath magazines in the library for ideas. When you hire the plumber, ensure it is a LICENSED company.

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