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Posted by john Gatti on May 01, 2002 at 14:37:04:
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Thanks for the response. Of course the newer tankless systems have better numbers. Some efficiency rating get as high as 95 percent.

Further some of the stats on how much hot water they can deliver is impressive...... yet will some of these smaller "new style" systems be able to accomodate the sediment produced by over a dozen cast iorn radiators which are at least 30 years old?

Thanks john

: Why do you assume it costs less to run? The boiler has an efficiency rating, which is less than 100%, and then the indirect heater has its own efficiency rating. When you multiply the two of them together, you will normally get a rating that is less than a good tank type or tankless heater.

: : I am looking for a gas fired hot water heat/ domestic hot water system to put into a home in a mild climate in france.

: : I have recieved estimates from local plumbers using systems which are quite different.

: : 1. the first system is a cast iorn boiler with indirect hot water tank from buderus a german maker. (I know this type of system well)

: : 2. Other systems include instant hot water systems used either with or without copper indirect tanks of about 40 gallons or more. These are in boxes usually wall mounted

: : 3. The 3rd type of system available - but one not yet reccomeded to me is an "accumulator" system. It kinda looks like a typical hot water tank or a small ice box.

: : Does anyone know the advantages or disatvantages of using these competitive systems. It appears that the 2nd type does everything the cast iorn system does but cost less to run - in short tecknologically superior. But if this is the case why aren't we using it here in good old USA?

: : thanks,

: : John Gatti

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