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Posted by Casman on April 30, 2002 at 15:32:31:
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: What are my options?

: : Air chambers will fill up with water over a period of time as the water absorbs the air. Unfortunately, draining the pipes will usually not restore them to their original efficiency. Once the water fills the air chamber, it is like a straw full of water with your finger on the top of it. The water will not come out of the straw and it will not come out of the air chamber either, unless the system were competely drained, which is almost impossible to do, and were left off for several days, if not weeks.

: : : I have been told I have a case of water hammer. After I flush the toliet and the bowl fills back up the walls and pipes vibrate. A plumber told me we had to add air chambers to the plumbing but after talking to the builder we already have air chambers.

: : : I was then told all i needed to do was flush out my pipes and the air chamber would fill back up.

: : : I have no idea how to do this. Help anyone.

: : : -Mark

I would do this: turn off water at meter, open all valves ie sink shower laundry...let it drain then turn off all valves and turn water back on, I think thereis a difference between air chambers and hammer arrestors, opening the faucets is like taking the finger off the straw...I think good luck

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