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Silly Rabbit,.......TRIX are for kids!

Amazing what people have to go through to try to get a little courtesy in the home, isn't it? This is a Very heavy concern for Health Departments and Commercial establishments everywhere, especially because of the corrosive nature of the uric acid in urine, and the water damage to the dry wall surfaces. There are commercially available splash guards in aluminum and stainless steel that can be screwed to the wall from Commercial Restauraunt supply houses, but of course this isn't keeping the splashes off the wall. There are hospital and medical splash funnels for the toilet bowl available from Scripps or Baxter Medical, but they require constant daily maintenance and cleaning from sanitary staff. There are polyurethane and polyethelene clear plastic coatings from Paint supply houses that can be painted upon the wall and base board molding that can take a little bit of the drudgery out of the cleaning and maintenance, and there is the installation of a tack strip or velcro that can be secured just at the toilet paper level with absorbent "grease stop material" that absorbs the urine splashes usually found at Laboratory and medical supply and fire supply houses. There are- in last resort- even what are supposed to be "joke" sanitation supplies stores little "bullseye" targets that bars install in urinals and toilets to try to cause the brute to "aim" better, and therefore splash less.

You don't see this comment much in these postings...but ...... My Prayers are with You!

: How can I keep "toilet splashes" off the bathroom wall when a man urinates?

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