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Jerking and pulling and yanking on the well casing attached pressure tank won't get it free. It is mounted to the well casing using an elbow, gasket and flanged assembly installed below the frost line to prevent freeze up, and to resist torque loading from the well pump startup. You are going to have to dig down to the bottom of the tank, locate the flange, and then dig an area large enough to swing both a box end and open end wrenches to free the stainless steel bolts and nuts. Then, if the elbow is deep enough for the distance of run from the residence to the well to have drain/pressure fall against the foot valve, you'll need to get a flange/ restrainer kit for your new supply line to adapt to the flange on the elbow. You'll need to dig that deep anyway, since you're going to need to install a sub-panel vault pull box for the electrical connection to splice and extend the power run and pressure switch signalling cabling. (note: the existing flange and bolt package is probably wrapped in waterproof 20 mil plastic and has a black bitchmastic coating {bituminous asphaltic emulsion} to protect the nuts and bolts from dissimilar metal and soil corrosion.This is a CODE requirement, and you'll have to duplicate it when you've made your connection. BE CAREFUL with the bitchmastic, it is corrosive to the skin, is a chemical irritant, causes chemical reaction burns which last a long time )

: Hi,
: I have a project that entails bringing in a new water supply to a house from the well.
: The cabin has a drilled well with a Campbell lawn hydrant coming out of the well seal that operates the
: submersible well pump. That is the only water supply.
: The lawn hydrant is secured to what must be a pressure tank inside the well casing about 3.5 ft
: down from the top. The well has an electrical line going down probably to the pressure switch that
: must be on the tank. The pump must be below that.
: Anyway, I want to remove the in-line tank, connect a pitless adapter to the casing and bring the
: water line into the cabin to a larger pressure tank.
: The tank inside the casing seems to be attached, I tried pulling it but it didn't budge.
: Are you familiar with this kind of installation and if so, can you give me an idea on how to pull it out?
: The lawn hydrant stem is connected to the tank near the side of the casing wall as if it was a
: pitless adapter connection but I couldn't pull it out.
: Thanks,
: Walt

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